Easy zipper pocket with fun block “I’m Cutie and I know it”


Are you ready to add some cuteness to your crafting projects? Look no further than the “I’m Cutie and I know it” pocket with a ginger cat block, featuring the beautiful Benartex Chalk Garden fabrics!

As a new Benartex Ambassador, I am excited to share my first project using these lovely fabrics. Follow along step-by-step as I guide you through the process of creating this adorable easy to make pocket with a zipper.

So grab your sewing supplies and let’s get started on this fun and free tutorial! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with the end result. Click the link: Store Locator for your local shops for these super cute fabric collection by Cherry Guidry

Skill level Confident beginner Finished measurements 9″x 8″

Let’s get started!

The overall process is sewing and quilting basics and classical piecing or FPP block using stitching by hand or sewing machine if you prefer. The basic process is to prepare block of your choice, cut the fabric according to the material list, work with interfacing and pressing, then put everything together!

The block and back was machine quilting: front block free-motioning and the back with the simplest straight lines.

Materials and Tools


  • 6” x 6“ ready block of your choice for the front side
  • 6” x 1 ¼” 2 stripes of main fabric for block sides
  • 9” x 1 ½ “ 2 stripes of lining fabric
  • 9” x 1 ½ “ 2 stripes of contrast fabric for zipper opening
  • 8 ¼” x 1 ¼” 1 stripe of one-side fusible fleece
  • 8 ¼” x 7 ¾” 1 piece of each: lining fabric and one-side fusible fleece
  • 9 ¼” x 8 ¼” 1 piece of each: front fabric, one-side fusible fleece and lining fabric
  • 1 ½” x 44” 1 bias strip of main fabric
  • 2 ¼” x 2 ¼” 2 pieces of contrast fabric for a pin pillow (optional)


  • piecing thread (40 wt)
  • embossing threads/yarn for decorative cord (optional)


  • 1 zipper 9” length
  • BERNINA Feet#1 &#4
  • water-soluble marker or Hera fabric marker (such as Clover Point 2 Point Turner, optional)
  • wonder quilting clips
  • quilting ruler, sharp scissors and rotary cutter
  • Best Press spray for easy ironing (optional)
  • wadding and a decorative button for a pin pillow (optional)

I made a 6″ x 6″ block with a funny new character. Fabrics I used: MARIGOLD for a kitty, MAKER DICTIONARY WHITE/PINK and TURQUOISE for the hat; for bias, front and back sides as a main fabric I picked SPRING HOT PINK. To make an accent for zipper opening I used FERN NAVY piece.

You can find block right here just click: “I’m Cutie and I know it”.

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Tip: To prevent frayed edges and for safety white cutting the block pieces, I recommend pinking shears.
Step 1 Place stripes, block and zipper as shown.

 Step 2 Clip block and board stripes with right sides together and stitch with ¼” seam allowance. Press.

 Step 3 Clip the block piece and front zipper fabric stripe with right sides together and stitch with ¼” seam allowance along the long side. Press.
Step 4 Take the second stripe of front zipper fabric, zipper and a stripe of the lining fabric. Make a sandwich: one strip of front fabric and one strip of lining right sides together with one side of the zipper in between. Clip and sew from edge to edge with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Repeat for the other side of the zipper. Press.
Step 5 Trim the zipper and fabric if needed.
Step 6 Put the strip of the fleece between the wrong sides of the fabric with the zipper as shown.
Press with steam.
Step 7 Put the piece of the fleece between the wrong sides of the fabric with the zipper and block as shown. Press with steam.
Step 8 Make a sandwich for the back side of the pocket. Put the piece of the fleece between the wrong sides of the fabric and press with steam. Quilt in any preferred manner. My choice was free-motioning around the kitty and straight lines close to zipper for the front side. And for the back I marked straight lines with Hera fabric marker and ruler with ¾” step in between lines, to have diamond look I lined at an angle of 30 degrees. Trim edges if needed.
Step 9 Put sides with wrong sides together to make a sandwich. Lay the bias and the sandwich with right sides together. Clip and bind in any preferred manner.
Step 10 Make a pin zipper pull pillow just to add some more fun!

If any questions or help please don’t hesitate to text me on my Instagram

Happy quilting!!!

Always yours,


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