Witch Hat


The timing couldn’t be better to craft some stylish accessories. This stunning felt witch hat is an ideal project for beginners. What’s truly magical about this project is that it’s not just for Halloween.

Imagine adding a touch of mystique to your everyday life! This size is perfect not just for a doll accessorise, but also as a car mirror hanging, bag decor, key chain and so many more decor ideas!

What’s even better is that you can customize the pattern to any size you desire!

Skill level Confident beginner Finished measurements 2 ¾” by 2”

So let’s get started!

The overall process is sewing basics using stitching by hand. The basic process is to measure the head (doll/pet/human), enlarge the pattern if you want a bigger hat, and cut the felt according to your measurements and put everything together to create the adorable Witch Hat! 

To enlarge the hat pattern to needed size I use the following formula: Head measurements/3,14 = diameter of the inside circle (don’t forget to change the size of the felt if any enlargements were made). Enlarge the pattern on the screen, trace and cut the template.

Materials and Tools (Please note: materials and the pattern are given for a doll witch hat with the 3” head circumference)
Step 1. Print and cut the template. Trace both pieces with a White Pitt Artist Pen.
Step 2. Cut along the trace line.
Step 3. Fold the top hat piece. Make a knot and start stitching from the top corner.
Step 4. Use the blanket stitch and stitch from top to bottom.
Step 5. Turn the cone right sides out.
Step 6. Insert the cone through the middle of the bottom hat piece. Pin if needed along the edges. Stitch with blanket stitch along the circle.
Step 7. Attach a charm to the top of the hat with several loop stitches.
Step 8. Drop some glue inside the cone.
Step 9. Squeeze the cone and hold for a moment to fix the folds.
Step 10. Let the glue dry. Our whimsical witch hat is ready!!!
Try different sizes to create more HATS!!!

As a bonus you can FREE download tutorial in step-by-step pictures in PDF format here (click): Witch Hat

If any questions or help please don’t hesitate to text me on my Instagram

Stay Quilty!!!

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