Quilt Sleeve, step-by-step tutorial


Typically, we tend to think of smaller quilts as suitable for hanging, but in reality, you can hang quilts of any size, even those as grand as a king-size masterpiece! The process remains consistent regardless of the quilt’s dimensions. It’s a delightful way to put the entire quilt on display, especially those exquisite quilts that make full use of their design potential. By featuring these quilts on the wall, you can relish their beauty daily, as opposed to having them neatly folded on a couch.

The great news is that you won’t require an extensive array of materials and notions to hang your quilts, but a few basics are necessary.

Adding a sleeve is like giving your quilt a snug little hug to hang anywhere you desire.⠀
Skill level Confident beginner  
Finished measurements 8” by the measured length of the top side of the quilt

The overall process is sewing and quilting basics using stitching by hand or sewing machine if you prefer. A fundamental guideline to follow is to craft a sleeve with a width precisely matching that of the quilt you intend to hang and a height of 8 inches. The formula is the following: Width of Quilt (trimmed and ready for binding) x 8 inches in height

For the quilt shown, I went with a starting sleeve size of 18 1/2″  x 8″ to fit my mini All Is PurrFect quilt (pattern available here, click), which measures 19″ wide.

So let’s get started!


  • 8” by 18 ½” of backing fabric for a sleeve 


  • Piecing thread (40 wt)
  • Non-stick universal machine needle  
  • Rotary cutter, ruler and pins
  • Heat erasable or water soluble marker (optional) 
Step 1. At the top of the quilt mark one inch from the edge with a water soluble/ heat erasable marker.
Step 2. Repeat for the second side.
Step 3. Cut one piece of backing fabric, 8″ x 18 ½”, for the sleeve. Fold twice (1 1/2″) and press the seams along both short sides. Stitch
Step 4. Fold the fabric piece in half with wrong sides together. Press.
Step 4. Place from one mark to another with raw ends aligned with top raw edge on the quilt back as shown.
Step 5. Place, pin and apply binding on the right side.
Step 6. Fold the bias to the wrong side. Clip and machine/hand stitch along the sides.
Step 7a. Fold the sleeve top to cover the bias strip.
Step 7b. Fold the sleeve top to cover the bias strip.
Step 8. Clip the top along. Press. Do not remove the clips from the top.
Step 9. Pin along the bottom sleeve side.
Step 10. Open the short side of the sleeve and blind stitch.
Step 11. Continue blind stitching along the bottom and the second side of the sleeve removing the pins and clips as you go.
Display your masterpiece!!!

As you can see, it’s an easy and fun process, isn’t it?

How do you take pleasure in displaying your quilts? Share your experiences in the comments below so that we can all revel in the joy of quilting!

As a bonus you can FREE download tutorial in step-by-step pictures in PDF format here (click): Quilt Sleeve.

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Stay Quilty!!!

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