The 365th day of #365daysquiltscraps


Hi everyone!
The last day of my 365daysquiltscraps challenge is today!!! I’ve done.

During this year I worked very hard every day with every single block. And I’m very proud that I could get such AWESOME experience! The best thing of my challenge is all of you!!! You supported me with every like and comment)))) 💓 💓 💓 Also I want to say thank you to my family (their patience was extraordinary I must say))) For today here is a new baby animal. Surprised and striped tiger cub 🐯))). It is the 365th day of my #365daysquiltscrapschallenge))) 💓 
This block is not the last in my work but the last in my challenge 💕
Tomorrow I will write and tell you about my new project!!! Keep sewing! 
Love you all,

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