Stand with Ukraine Art Quilts Charity Auction


Hi everyone! ⠀

I want to share with you very deep and important event I was working upon for several months. ⠀

As a Ukrainian I couldn’t stand aside of what is happening in my mother land country. And as a fiber artist I found my way to tell about Ukraine and support its brave people.⠀

My husband and I created a quilt collection based on our Ukrainian heritage. During three months four quilts were brought to live.⠀

Each of the design has its unique story and cozy home spirit which could become a new family heritage.

I want to present all four designs on the online charity auction to raise funds to support people and animals affected by inhuman war. ⠀

Knot for Luck
Blossom of Hope
Acorn Power
Stand Together

Link to the online Charity Auction: ⠀

Please share and bid!⠀

The following are the charities in Ukraine where the proceeds of the auction will be distribu:⠀

Magic Food Army –

Medical battalion “Hospitallers” –⠀

Ruslan Goroviy –

Serhiy Zhadan –

I want to say words of gratitude to every person who helped and support me during this work. ⠀

To my husband Nazar Lebedenko who is always on my side with all life endeavours and who takes care of all Adobe graphics designs and tech work for all my quilts.⠀

To my colleagues and friends Adrienne Gallagher and Tanya Brown – who put their love and professional skills to quilt all four designs!⠀

To my close Ukrainian friend Anastasiia Nasyko who was the visual storyteller and made all photo shoots.⠀

To wonderful Toby Hatch for her highest PR and information lead and coordinate. ⠀

To my super friend Julia Smith for her web and moral support 24 hours involvement. ⠀

To Lucy Milner and Michelle Hilton for their financial guidance and accounting expertise.⠀

Special gratitude to BERNINA Canada for support and hours of work upon the quilts!!!⠀

Thank you all for your interest and participation! ⠀

Thank you for your efforts!⠀

Thank you for standing with Ukraine!⠀

With deep respect,⠀


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