My Interview to Raef Lawson: Standing with Ukraine, Charity Art Quilts Auction


Hi everyone! ⠀

I want to share with you very deep and important event I was working upon for several months. ⠀

As a Ukrainian I couldn’t stand aside of what is happening in my mother land country. And as a fiber artist I found my way to tell about Ukraine and support its brave people.

My husband and I created a quilt collection based on our Ukrainian heritage. During three months four quilts were brought to live.⠀

Each of the design has its unique story and cozy home spirit which could become a new family heritage.

I want to present all four designs on the online charity auction to raise funds to support people and animals affected by inhuman war.

I deeply grateful for invitation from Raef Lawson, Executive Director in Profitability Analytics Center of Excellence to talk about the auction and the story behind it.

Link to the the interview: My Interview to Raef Lawson: Standing with Ukraine, Charity Art Quilts Auction

Online Charity Auction closes December 31, 2022.

All proceeds will go directly to these charities and the auction closes December 31. Please consider bidding.

Link to the online Charity Auction: ⠀

The following are the charities in Ukraine where the proceeds of the auction will be distribu:⠀

Magic Food Army –

Medical battalion “Hospitallers” –⠀

Ruslan Goroviy –

Serhiy Zhadan –

Thank you all for your interest and participation! ⠀

Thank you for your efforts!⠀

Thank you for standing with Ukraine!⠀

With deep respect,⠀


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