Homemade Design Board


Hi everyone! 

Working with blocks I found out that the best way to keep everything in order is to put pieces on a design board! The board is easy and quick to make in any size and any quantity you need!

This 10β€³by10β€³ board is a NEW project exclusively created for BERNINA Canada and you!!!

When πŸ‘‰: join Adrienne Gallagher a BERNINA educator and me on live workshop June 8th at 3 p.m.  

Where πŸ‘‰: BERNINA Canada Facebook page

Watch πŸ‘‰: BERNINA Canada Live – Design Board by Olesya Lebedenko

Pattern+tutorial πŸ‘‰: Design Board free download tutorial

I’m so exited!!! 

Adrienne and I will be happy if you share with your gorgeous Homemade Design Boards with #berninacanada.

Try different bias for decoration and board sizes.

Let’s make some boards to be fashion and have our blocks in progress organised!!!
With love,

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