End of INCREDIBLE chapter


Hi everyone!⠀
I am writing this post to express my sincere appreciation for the opportunity to be a part of the BERNINA Ambassador Program in Canada. It has been an incredible journey, filled with invaluable experiences and personal growth. As I approached the end of the contract, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the highlights and express my gratitude.⠀

Throughout my tenure as a BERNINA Ambassador, I have had the privilege of representing a brand that I deeply admire. The commitment to quality, innovation, and craftsmanship that BERNINA upholds is truly remarkable. Working with such a reputable company has been an honor, and I am grateful for the trust and confidence placed in me.⠀

I am particularly grateful for the supportive network of individuals I have had the pleasure of collaborating with during this program. The BERNINA Canada team has consistently demonstrated professionalism, dedication, and a genuine passion for the craft. ⠀

I am proud of the accomplishments we have achieved together during this program. From hosting engaging workshops to creating inspiring content, we have successfully shared the beauty and versatility of BERNINA’s products with the creative community. ⠀

As we reach the end of this chapter, I am filled with optimism for the future. The knowledge and skills I have acquired through the BERNINA Ambassador Program will undoubtedly continue to shape my creative journey.⠀

I would be remiss if I did not express my deepest gratitude to you personally, Adrienne and Deb. Your unwavering support and guidance throughout this program have been invaluable. Your commitment to fostering a collaborative and enriching environment has been truly commendable. ⠀

In conclusion, I want to express my gratitude to BERNINA Canada for the remarkable opportunity to serve as an ambassador. It has been an enriching and transformative experience that will forever hold a special place in my heart. I remain committed to promoting the BERNINA brand and its ethos, and I am confident that our paths will cross again in the future.⠀

Thank you once again for everything you have done. ⠀

Always yours,⠀

PS Don’t forget to behave yourself quilty

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