The 365th day of #365daysquiltscraps

Hi everyone!The last day of my 365daysquiltscraps challenge is today!!! I’ve done. During this year I worked very hard every day with every single block. And I’m very proud that I could get such AWESOME experience! The best thing of my challenge is all of you!!! You supported me with every like and comment)))) 💓 […]

The 364th day of #365daysquiltscraps

Hi everyone!New day and a new baby animal block is ready. Super curious and charming piglet 🐽 ))). I just ENJOY all these baby animals. Today is the 364th day of my #365daysquiltscrapschallenge))) 💓 Today starts the last week of my year long challenge and I’m not able to believe that I could stop sewing))))) one more […]

The 363rd day of #365daysquiltscraps

Hi everyone!Tudu-tu-tu-du! New baby animal is ready. Big cutie and friendly baby elephant 🐘 ))). It was really fun in sewing. Today is the 363rd day of my #365daysquiltscraps challenge))) 💓 can’t believe that in two days my challenge’ll over. But the end is a new beginning!!Keep sewing! Have a bright Sunday,Olesya

The 362nd day of #365daysquiltscraps

Hi everyone!THANK YOU ALL FOR SUPPORTING ME IN MY CHALLENGE 💖 💖 💖 New day and a new block with baby animal is ready. Cute and fluffy baby fox 🦊 ))). I love my baby animal collection))). And I have three more days and blocks in this challenge. Today is the 362nd day of my #365daysquiltscraps challenge))) 💓Keep […]

The 361st day of #365daysquiltscraps

Hi everyone!New baby animal is ready. Soft and nice baby bunny 🐇))). The baby collection is awesome))). And the last in this challenge. Today is the 361st day of my #365daysquiltscrapschallenge))) 💓 Only four blocks ahead. And no worries book with schemes and tutorials is in progress)))Keep sewing! Have a very quick Friday,Olesya

The 360th day of #365daysquiltscraps

Hi everyone!New baby animal is here. Very funny and cute baby mouse 🐭))). It was really fun in sewing. Today is the 360h day of my #365daysquiltscrapschallenge))) 💓 can’t believe only !5! days are ahead in my challenge but I have so many ideas for blocks))) Keep sewing! Have a sunny Thursday,Olesya

The 359th day of #365daysquiltscraps

Hi everyone!For today I created one more block with baby creature. Very serious and feathery baby owl 🦉)) ). Block is really easy in sewing. As for eyes and cheeks – you can draw them with fabric paint or stitched them or use beads (micro buttons)for cheeks you can use pastel pen or chocks. Today […]

The 358th day of #365daysquiltscraps

Hi everyone!New baby animal is ready))) next several blocks will be with forest animals. Curious baby squirrel 🐿️ ))). Block is really easy in sewing. It is the 358th day of my #365daysquiltscrapschallenge))) 💓Keep sewing! Have a calm Tuesday,Olesya

The 357th day of #365daysquiltscraps

Hi everyone!Can’t stop drawing and sewing baby animals. And here is a new one! Fluffy and soft baby panda 🐼 ))). His face was so much fun while sewing. I’m more than sure that it would be a perfect baby quilt. What do you think about them all? It is the 357th day of my #365daysquiltscraps challenge))) […]

The 356th day of #365daysquiltscraps

Hi everyone!New baby animal is ready for today’s block))) Here is a quiet and cute baby lion 🦁 ))). I love his face though his mane was the most difficult and tricky part of sewing. It is the 356th day of my #365daysquiltscraps challenge))) 💓Keep sewing! Have an amazing spring day,Olesya