As Cunning As A Fox: QUILTMANIA #145, Autumn issue, September – October 2021


Hi everyone!⠀

My first true love was and is something printed))) Books, magazines tutorials… anything that I can hold, read and fold pages. ⠀

During my professional carrier as a quilting designer and teacher I had more than 50 publications. Every single one is one of a kind. ⠀

And today I’m proud to share with you sometime very special for me! It’s a gorgeous picture of my quilt from newest Quiltmania issue#145 (@quiltmaniainc) with my 🦊 and 🐰. To tell that I’m happy is not enough!!! I’m amazed!!! ⠀

It’s a honor for me to be on pages with those designs! The plan was to wait and open the issue and make a picture but dear followers, I’M NOT A MEGA PATIENT PERSON 🤣🤣🤣 Could you imagine how long I was waiting to share this with you???⠀

Now I’m thrilled to hold the issue in my hands! But you can choose a Digital version and get it right away

It’s a great pleasure to work with you and your team Carol  and Anna-Karina ❤️ Hope to have another project together soon.⠀

Link to the magazine👉: QUILTMANIA #145

Keep sewing✂️🧵✂️!⠀



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