I've got an envelope with my second book - Sewing Cozy Craft Projects

Hi everyone!

I’m thrilled to share with you one more stunning news. I’ve got an envelope from @foxchapelpublishing with my NEWEST author book sample!!! It’s our second book together!!! ⠀

It’s something incredible to hold your own book in hands! As a book-worm I’m in heaven))) As an author I’m proud))) and as a designer I still can’t believe it)))⠀

Behind these pages was so much work and sleepless nights but the result is worth it.⠀

Are you curious what’s inside? It’s a cozy winter story of three bear friends: polar bear Honey, grizzly bear Brownie, and panda Whimsy. They are having fun with creating postcards, pinkeeps, mug cozy and rugs, tags and Christmas ornaments. ⠀

I want to send thank you to my publisher team!!! Special thank you to BERNINA Canada (@berninacanada, this book would never been finished without B 475) 🧵🧷🧵. To all my friends who was ready to support me any time and still loves me☺️!!! To my family who was very patient although hungry most of the time😂
I thank you all for another amazing book together!⠀

Book is available on Amazon for pre-order, please click here!⠀

Let’s have fun 🧵✂️🧵