Issue 60 of a Needle Pulling Thread: Fairy Tale Mermaid Doll.


Hi everyone!

Every single email with upcoming theme email I feel like I’m getting a present. Far from now in November I had a video call with Carla. Probably most of you know I love calls and video chats more than writing. ⠀

I created this doll to share with you one of my favourite fairy tale character. Probably most of you are aware that The Little Mermaid is a story by Hans Christian Andersen about the life and adventures of a little mermaid who went to the surface to have a glimpse of the world above the sea. I decided to create a doll as a gift for my friend’s daughter named Anna. She’s an incredible young woman and one of the most talented diving instructors I’ve ever met. So as soon she posted the underwater photo shooting I clearly saw a doll with long hair decorated with tiny shells. Long story short find the step by step picture tutorial and a pattern to create a sweat doll for fairy tales adventures on page#42.

The newest issue 60 of a Needle Pulling Thread is available already online and in shops! ⠀

Thank you so much Carla! It’s always a great pleasure to work with you and your team! ⠀

Link to the magazine👉:⠀

Create your fairy tale doll!💙⠀
With love,⠀

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