Cutting out pattern pieces for my #365daysquiltscraps challenge blocks (video)

Hi everyone! I made a video about next step of block creation! Next step is pieces cutting)). The most tricky in this process is to put every piece in it’s place 🤣🤣🤣 it’s a kind of a quest!! That’s why I chose a soundtrack from BBC Sherlock))) And one more important nuance is when cutting […]

What for I use Tracing Paper (video)

Hi everyone! I made one more video about my process)) This video is about how I start cutting and what for I always use tracing paper in work. Tracing paper is a great tool for right choosing fabric print. I prefer this paper: Especially it helps with small pieces. You see where to settle your […]

How I start my blocks (video)

Hi everyone! I made a short video about my first step of creation) video is about how I draw blocks)) Mostly I don’t use anything except ✏ and 📐))) I finished a picture for the 189 th day but block was sewn for the 201st day. I have so many ideas and pictures to sew))) […]

Why I use zig-zag scissors (video)

Hi everyone! Some of my followers and studets ask me about my edges. Why they are zig-zag mostly. I made this short video as an explanation. A lot of my blocks are only 3 1/2 inches so they are full of tiny mini pieces. It is more useful to have zig-zag than raw edges for small […]