Hi Everyone!

I’m Olesya Lebedenko, a Ukrainian artist living and creating in Canada.

Fabric and threads are my way to draw my world. It’s a freedom to mix colors with texture and add tiny touches to bring life to the character.

I’m a teacher, designer, quilter, books author, magazine contributor, doll maker, and the founder and owner of Olesya Lebedenko Design brand. 

My tutorials and designs have been featured in Canadian, USA, and Ukrainian publications.

I’ve written dozens of tutorials, articles, and led hundreds of workshops in Europe and Canada. Since the pandemic started, I’ve switched a lot of my classes to a virtual format. 

I’m a professional member of the Canadian Quilters’ Association and the International Quilt Association. In 2021-2023 I was proud to be a a BERNINA Canada Ambassador. Since December 2022 I became a Benartex LLC Ambassador.

You can learn more about me by visiting my personal site (www.olesya-l-design.com) or following my Instagram (@olesyalebedenkodesign).

Let’s have an amazing craft time!

Olesya Lebedenko