Year of Deep Creation, Lecture

“Year of Deep Creation” is a story about a year-long 365 days challenge from sketches and blocks to book author journey. I vividly remember that it was the 28th of April 2018 when I’d decided to start a BIG year-long scrap challenge. So very seriously, I promised myself that every day no matter what, I’d […]

Angel Princess and The Pea, Class

Techniques: sewing basics, stuffing, attaching basics of felting. Supply list: 7 different fabric for the doll body, wings, pillows, panties and dress; 1 button for decoration and 3 buttons (1 cm diameter); Mini teddy bear 3 cm or an artificial flower; Bead, 1,5 cm diameter; Lace, 1,5 cm width; Ribbon, 0,5 cm width; Paintbrush, Textile […]